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Okay, so, I kind of dreamt up a new Wedlocke Challenge and posted it on the forums...  I'll just C n' P the posts here, okay?


First Post:

Okay, so I just had a dream where Marriland was challenged to this Wedlocke-like Nuzlocke Challenge run, right?

After thinking it over, I wound up separating it into two sections/different ways to play it.  It's called a "Rotation Wedlocke".  Basically, there are now three Pokémon in each pair (now trio).  In the dream, Marriland was doing it in the "bigamy-style", in which there is one male and two females in each pair.  I'm sure their are other ways to put this if you want the main male to be bi and have one of each gender of "spouse", but that's how Dream!Marilland was doing it.  So, I was thinking that it should only be the male and one of his wives in an active pair at one time, right?  Well, then, after I woke up, I thought that maybe you could change the pair to both of the females, like they're "fighting for their man", or something.  I don't know, that might get a bit complicated in how the females think of the situation, if you want to put personalities into the Pokémon, that is.

The second type, the "family-style" way of playing, is you get all your pairs, right?  Well, the next Pokémon you catch next, regardless of gender, could be considered their "child", even if it's not part of the same species or type.  I only came up with this style after waking up, and the way Marriland was challenged was pretty much by a Mafia-type leader lady and blah blah blah dream-stuff, you don't want to hear about it, and it's not for this forum.

But, back to the "family-style".  With this, you can think of it as parents fighting together, if it's the essential "mother and father" in the pair at that time, or you could think of it as a child bonding with his/her parent when the "child" Pokémon and "mother or father" Pokémon are in the pair together.


I don't think you would have to keep all the pairs to the same "rotation", as it were.  Like, you wouldn't have to be like "Okay, it's father/child bonding time!" and do that with all the pairs, but this kind of challenge could easily get confusing if you tried to do a "gay wedlocke", like I do all the time, because I'm a "filthy fujoshi".  For the bigamy-style, it would be highly confusing.  For the family-style, it might be less confusing, because you would know where any females would be, in the children-slot.

But, of course, none of this explains how step-children would work, or what if a "child" died, so it's a bit more free in rules so far...

And, just a reminder, but this all stemmed from a literal dream.  I think too much, and this is what I get.  It probably doesn't even make sense as I'm writing it, and that's okay with me.


Optional Rules Post:

Optional rules for my "Rotation Wedlocke" challenge:

-Younger Children Clause: If doing the "family-style", the child must be either 5 or 10 levels (or just x amount of levels, if you want.) behind the parents always. This would be a challenge in leveling up, as well as a challenge if you are putting "level's much match the gym leader's highest pkmn" grinding rules on the challenge as well.

-Parent Clause: The title only refers to the family-style, but it could also refer to the bigamy-style, as well. All pairs must be in the same order. If it's "mother-child bonding"-time in a F-S Rotation Wedlocke, then only the mothers and children can fight. If it's "fighting women"-time in a B-S Rotation Wedlocke, then all the pairs must be set up like that, with the two wives fighting, and the men in the box.
   a. Optionally for this rule, you could do a poll after each update to who can fight the next update, to get readers involved (if you think many people will read it, that is.).


I haven't tried this out myself, yet, But I will definitely try a "Family-style Rotation Wedlocke" in the future.


EDIT: If a "parent" or "wife/husband" dies, the two remaining pokemon in the trio will stay in the party together until a new catch can be made to make up for the missing position.

(I picked up an early fire red save file that didn't have any extra pokemon yet and started a gay family rotation wedlocke on it.  Team so far:

Babu the Pikachu(M) + Kooker the Pidgeotto(M)= Danke the Spearow(M)

Derkimo the Mankey(M) + Lancer the Beedrill(M)= Kellie the Bellsprout(F)

Sandefers the Sandshrew(M)+ Pork Bro the Magikarp(M)= Potrait the Oddish(F)

It's actually a slightly hacked Fire Red rom called "Lightning Yellow"  Available here:… 

So, even though it's a "Gay Wedlocke", I can still catch all pokemon of each gender, but females can only be children, not partners.


Update: I used Danke and Kooker together in Erika's gym, but otherwise I'm not using the two grass girls, which I guess is a little sad, but I'm mostly using Lancer with Giga Drain for my Grass-er now, so...  They might fall behind a lot.  Also, I evolved Babu before switching him out with Danke.  The third pair is also fully evolved, but, like I said, Kellie and Portrait haven't been trained past their catch level.)

Okay, so I was drawing on iScribble when a random argument breaks out shortly after entering a board.

Text Log:
Board description:
Draw whatever

You entered Shampoo.
Cicero. entered this board.
Connor.Kenway. switched to the lobby.
Jerk entered this board.
Jerk: moonii u piece of shit
Moonii: fggt
Fromage-Femme: ??
Jerk: u stay out of this
Fromage-Femme: ??
Fromage-Femme: nyan?
Moonii: dont
Moonii: shut
Fromage-Femme: what does that pink text say?
Jerk: fem
Jerk: doesn't your username mean
Jerk: cheeselady or cheesewife
Fromage-Femme: mala...?
Fromage-Femme: cheese lady, it's my oc superhero
Fromage-Femme: there's no cheese-homme
tired. entered this board.
Fromage-Femme: let's just say, they lived in a place with the mafia...
Jerk: ಠ_ಠ
Fromage-Femme: ...that backstory came out of nowhere, goddangit!
Fromage-Femme: srsly, though.  maladrictca...?  [started talking about the nearly invisible text on the screen again, forgetting that I could just zoom in.]
Fromage-Femme: ???
Fromage-Femme: neh?

He afk'd or something, but that random superhero backstory just came out of nowhere!  Also, I didn't want her to have a cheese man in the first place *harrumph*

Also: this is related to the 'Random Eye' deviation at Random Eye by TGI-Zuzume.
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Yeah, wow.  Two journals in two days, right?  I barely post journals at all usually!

Anyway, I spent most of the night figuring out the team (though I'm still unsure of one move on the Sandslash).

Anyway, I decided that my levels would be around the late 10s to Early 20s overall and that My TM would be Dig (28).

Full Team (And please not that I'm a offensive person in strategy, I rarely care about editing my stats in anyway):

SandSlash (Nera?  I had renamed my GroupLocke Sandslash from Newb to Winner mostly because I kept calling him Nera)
Female (How do you make the symbols?) Lvl.20 Lead Pokemon

- Poison Jab (to deal with any pure grass-types. ex.Chikorita line) [TM]
- Fury Cutter (to deal with dark- and grass-types in general) [14]
- Magnitude (fire/poison/elec-killing.  Also, I was amazed that Sandslashes learn this move in B2W2!  So cool!) [19]
- Rock Smash and/or Brick Break (I'm not sure if, as a gym leader, I would be able to use a...  Oh, wait, nvm, R.S. got TM'd.  Anyway, i just felt that "Nera" should have a fighting-type move for some reason, just to kill anyone who's using a normal-type variety killer like Ferguson the Dunsparce is in my current Nuzlocke.) [TM either way]

Stunfisk (I haven't mentioned this, but I have one called Ace in my shiny haxs Black Nuzlocke, He's super cool, so this is my homage to him, even though he didn't die or anything.)
Male Lvl.24 Signature Pokemon

- T-bolt (For killing Waters) [TM]
- Mud Bomb (For Elec, just in case) [21]
- Dig [TM]
- Bide (For Massive damage, because who's going to stop attacking in a gym battle?  Not I, certainly.)

Male Lvl.19 Untrained New Catch

- Metal Claw (Just in Case Somone cheated to get an icetype, or I'm close to Cold Storage.) [15]
- Dig [19]
- Bulldoze [TM]
- Hone Claws (Just because I couldn't think of anything else)

And, yeah, I thought out a lot of the weaknesses, i guess and even gave myself a prematurely evolved Sandslash!  *chuckles*  Then again, after my Prinplup evolved at lvl 29, I know it's possible. I think I was overgrinding a bit too much for Roark, but then again, Pokemon Diamond was my first Pokemon Game officialy (other than just watching over people's shoulders), so I had a lot of new concepts to read up on then.  Apparently pokemon can evolve before their level if their happy enough?  But no evidence shows that, so i'm not so sure if i should believe that game cart, since it eventually blue screen'd on me (who knew that DS games could do that!?).
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Whelp, I'd figure I'd post my little story about my most recent death in my TeamLock'd.

Norai, my best Graveler just died yesterday (I felt that i should calm down before writing about it here.).  It was in the pikachu and Clefairy twin battle above Solaceon City.  I-I can't blame Edemame (My Chatot) for turning on Norai, she had earlier killed a trainer's chatot, but Edemamae and Norai were just the best double-battle team!  Just one quick Magnitude (and an extra Chatter, if it was needed) and any electrics, or fires, or poison-types would be dead!  Even against the rival battle before Solacean, mach punch barely scratched her and she killed that stupid Monferno in two hits!

But, I kind of wrote a tiny story about it on my IPhone's notepad.  I'll post it here:

The Story of Norai

"Okay!  Time to kill this thing!" Norai cried as she flew out of her pokeball, Edemame quickly following her.

After a quick Magnitude and Chatter, the Clefairy was still standing defiantly, in the red.  Norai frowned, and so did her master, who just merely went through with pressing A again, not noticing as Edemame smirked and turned to Norai.  "You know, I'm really tired of your attitude, I think /you/ need to be chattered," he smirked, effectively turning into a double-sided evil Leader's second-in-command (see: StarScream) as he chattered Norai into the deep red, leaving the shocked Graveler, the one and only bird-killing and poison/fire/elec-killing girl that their master, Belladi, knew, to die by the hands of the fighting type move that came next from the Clefairy across from them, Wake-Up Slap.

There were tears as Viam, the new water/ flyer came onto the team and Norai's duties were spread throughout the team through the use of Dig and Shock Wave TMs.


So, Yeah, i have a new Pelliper in my team, but now Ferguson (the Dunsparce) is becoming the new variety-killer with shock wave and rock smash and fire blast from the veilstone mall (and rock tomb from just finding the TM, but that was before Norai's death.).  StarScream was the only example i could think of on the fly, but please, comment with your own examples.


So, anyway, I'm doing a Pokemon *Perfect* Platinum (It's a ROM Hack) TeamLock'd.

I wanted to combine the idea of a egglocke with the rare candy matchup with the catch to the hatch, the math concept of averages, and the idea in Wedlockes where you can't switch out your team.  So, basically, everytime you need new members you average out the levels of the surviving team members and you rare candy the new team members up to that average (ignoring decimals)!

So far, my first water duo was killed by the hands of an angry craniados (Fercack! Mikster!), and now my third death has been the awesome Norai.  I can only hope that Edemame doesn't let fear control his actions again to kill either Winner (formerly Newb) the sandshrew (the digger) or Ferguson.

Anyway, if you guys want a full team listed here, I'll be happy to do so!

Note: I'm horrible at names and I only changed Newb's name to Winner, because I had promised to him that i would do so.  Otherwise, I'm not changing the two-timing Chatot's name to proper.
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60$ and a tablet!  Yeah, it's awesome so far, but I already lost the one page for the entire screen to be connected with the entire writing/drawing area, so maybe you could help me there...?

Sorry I don't write long stuff, but look at the ...!

Although seriously, I've got a lot to download.

Y!gallery link: link:…
And if it's your Bee Day, Happy that too.

I drew a picture of Cirno~

Imma post the two things right now!
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My Art teacher made us make crochet scarfs, but mine turned out like her wonky example.

So I slip knotted it together with my THEORY KNOTTING ability and created an Y-ARM GAUNTLET for me.  The YARN QUEEN.

I have a SCARF that was finger knitted by a two-fingered (on one hand) man and a Four-finger knitted HAT and a three-finger knitted CHOKER and a rather LONG NECKLACE that was also finger knitted with four fingers.

The YARN QUEEN is pleased with these pickings.

Tatatatatatatatatatatata.  (That's my laugh sometimes.  Sometimes.)
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Please read my new story and comment on how you think it is.
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I've...umm... having lots of bloodlust lately. I really don't know why, but I want to rip someone's heart out, anyone's heart, and lick it all over and get the blood from the inside.

It's really creeping me out.

Yesterday I was messing with my tooth and then I just had the thought to push it out of its place in my gums and I wanted to feel the roots of my teeth come out.

I need some help or something. Please...

Do you think its something vampiric?
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I think I have finally been able to put up my fucktardian avatar. (AFTER ALL THESE YEARS~!!!!)
*Glad it finally worked*
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It is I! The Great Imaginer Zuzume!
Bow before me or face of my fiery and lighting powers (+ I like throwing axes at random people!).

I have nothing else to say, Leave!

Oh! And Beaver Man is the result of an accident on MSP.

Can someone tell me how to work MSP correctly?...

Great Imaginer Zuzume Out!